Charliann Roberts,
 Author of Romantic Suspense


About me...

I have been an avid book reader from the day I learned to read. When I graduated from high school I'd be reading a book written by one of my favorite authors and say to myself, "Hey, I can do this!"

But... I never had time and the truth of the matter was, I never thought I could actually write a book. So I never gave it a try.

Until... during this tough economy I was out of work for two years. But then I thought I was too old - - until I kept hearing on the news about people graduating from college - these people ranging in ages much older than myself! That's when I finally said, "Hey, I'm not too old! Now I have the time and I really think I can do this!"

And here I am... my first novel, The Sunny Side of the Mountain,

can be ordered directly from me at [email protected]


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